Music and Art

Music and Art empowerment 

Music and Art empowerment is a grass root project that aims at helping children and the youth to develop their own creative artistic potential while also encouraging intercultural collaboration and cohesion.

Slum children Music and Art empowerment

effort is aligned with The world Vision 2030, especially The Social Pillar that seeks to engender justice, cohesive and equitable social child development in a clean and secure environment. Slum children Music and Art empowerment

is a crucial player in addressing the aforementioned needs and is a nexus of artistic and cultural exchange between children, youth and their society.

Slum children Music and Art empowerment

challenges artists to reflect critically on sociopolitical issues, and supports them to channel these observations into unique artistic productions.

What we are doing;

  • Talent search. 
  • Beads and creative art.
  • Mentorship workshops. 
  • Film & Music production. 
  • Providing educational sponsorship to bright & needy students. 
  • Creating job opportunities for youth.
  • Providing a safe space for youth to collaborate, share ideas and experiences. 
  • Provide alternatives to drugs & violence through film, and photography.

Slum children Music and Art empowerment

will provide;

a) A safe space for youth and children to share experiences, stories, and Give them a platform to express themselves through music & art.

b) Provide alternatives to drugs & violence through film, and photography. Many young people in the Kenyan slums are vulnerable especially when they are not at home or in school. According to The Kenya National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA), alcohol and drug abuse is highest among youth aged 15-29. Besides the introduction to cheap drugs and alcohol at a young age, they are often also exposed to risky sexual activity, gangs, and other negative influences that are common in the slums because of lack of inspiration and necessary support systems. These conditions coupled with lack of role models frustrate the young people.

c) Educating youth and providing them with music and arts activities enhances their self-expression, connects them to mentors and creates  

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